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AIMJF established as an umbrella organisation to unite all Halai Memon Jamats, Organizations, Institutions and Associations across India.

The purpose of the AIMJF is to act as the central Memon organisation representing the entire Memon community throughout India, promoting the advancement of Education, Health, Housing, Economic Upliftment, Unity, Welfare and Well-being of all Memons, in all aspects of life.

At present AIMJF is having 482 Jamats under its umbrella divided into 9 Regions and spread over 95 Zones. Each Region is individually taken care by the respective regional Vice President / Dy Vice President and each Jamat is individually taken care by the respective Jamat’s Zonal Secretary.

The governance of the AIMJF rests with the Board Members representing its Office Bearers The member Jamats of the AIMJF elect from amongst themselves, every 4 years, the President of the AIMJF.

AIMJF was conceptualized & established after the 3 Days ALL INDIA MEMON WORKERS CONFERENCE between 9th to 11th April 1971 in Baroda, Gujrat India.

All India Memon Workers Baroda 9th, 10th, 11th April 1971.

Presided by:

Haji Wali Mohammad Haji Gani Motiwala

Inaugurated by:

Mr Sattar Ahmed Umar Bhai Millwala,

Guest of honor:

Mr. Musa Kasam Ganatra (President Memon Education Welfare society, Mumbai) Abdul Razzak Yusuf Motorwala (Mumbai) Razzak Haji Abdul Karami (Dhoraji) Haji Rehmatullah Haji Adam Fulara (Upleta) Haji Ahmed Haji Abdullah Matichwala (Mumbai) Haji Miya Mohammad Silkwala (Surat) Haji Ahmed Seth Madraswala (Madras) Haji Musa bhai Yakoob Bhai Dhrolwala (Baroda).

Reception committee member:

Mr. Usman Gani Motiwala (Chairman), Usman Gani Ahmad (Secretary) Gulam Mohammed Dawood (Secretary), Gulam mohammed Abu bhai Memon (member) Abdul Razzak Chashmawala (member).

On very first day of Federation 80 Jamats were registered.Many more high-profile dignitaries were present at Inauguration of now AIMJF and Mr. Yusuf Patel was elected as first President of AIMJF after the end of conference.

AIMJF is registered as a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) under.

"Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950" Registration No. F-4564.

"Societies Registration Act, 1860" Registration No. BOM-166/77 G.B.B.S.D.

"Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976" Registration No. 083780755.

Founding President of AIMJF is Mr. Yusuf Patel
Current President of AIMJF is Mr. Iqbal H Memon (Officer)

Stories of Memons thank the office bearers of ALL INDIA MEMON JAMAT FEDERATION for their dedicated & selfless services to the Indian Memon Community.

KYC (Know Your Community) Organizations, this is a series of stories on various memon organization/ Individuals established in India for the welfare & upliftment of memon community.

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