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Amir Aghadi - young Edupreneur from Surat, making a mark in the Design field.

"If one advances confidently, in the direction of his own dreams and endeavours, to lead the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."

- Henry David Thoreau

We have often heard this phrase 'the sky is the limit.' But how often have we pushed our limits? And have gone beyond the boundaries to achieve our dreams? We come across a Design Entrepreneur who has taken a plunge into the educational field, taking the risks and managing to sail the boat smoothly. Meet Amir Aghadi - Director, IDA (Indiana Design Academy) Surat and AIMY Group. A young Edupreneur who is setting new benchmarks in the dynamic design world and proving that the sky is in fact limitless and with hard work one can achieve anything under the sun.

Born in Dhoraji, a small town near Rajkot, Amir had a humble beginning in life. He did Bsc in Interior Designing and MBA in Marketing. Post his studies, Amir did not want to settle down with an easy job on hand. There was a spark within him, ready to be ignited. Thus, he worked under a renowned Architect for 3 months as internship. With his knowledge and experience, he started taking up Interior design projects which he continues till date under AIMY Group.

Amir delighted in his work, and was constantly inspired by the task of finding new ways to take advantage of undeveloped potential. Gradually he knew that he wanted to share his passion for design and spread his profound knowledge with others. He achieved a new high by expanding his horizons and launched IDA (Indiana Design Academy) Surat. The Indiana Design Academy (IDA - Keep Up skilling) in Surat is a blossoming institute with dynamic courses that expose students to a world of practical design. From basic and advanced courses in Make-up, Hair Styling, and Tailor/Stitching to courses in Interior Design, Fashion Design, they offer a wide and varied range of courses that appeals to student’s inner creative designer.

For any successful entrepreneur, you need a combination of all three elements to succeed in life namely - Passion, Hungry and Discipline (PHD for entrepreneurship). Without them, you are bound to receive a setback. Amir hails from a family which has no connection with the field of education or no one has so far ventured into this field. He followed his entrepreneurial dreams to become what he is today. Amir was already passionate about making a difference in the design field. This combined with his hunger to achieve something big and consistency in his work life makes him a successful young entrepreneur.

Sharing his thoughts on entrepreneurial story, Amir Recalls many twists and turns in his journey and shares that, 'the one thing I have learned in my professional career is the need to constantly reinvent myself. I think it's important for leaders in designing field to recognise that we're in a challenging landscape and the market today changes so quickly that we need to embrace change. And one always has to think outside the box to make a difference and stand apart from competition.'

With a professional degree in Interior Design, he pushed his creative skills well out of my comfort zone to achieve new heights of establishing his own Design Academy. Today he is a successful Interior Designer having projects all over India and also managing Indiana Design Academy (IDA). Amir Aghadi has risen to the top with his sheer perseverance and is highly revered in his chosen industry.

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Mr Aghadi can be reached out at :

Contact: 7621989503

mail at

Address: 207-12, J9 High Street, Nr. G.D.Goenka High school, Canal Road, Vesu, Surat.


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