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CA SUHAIL MEMON, First Memon CA from India to become ICAI (Navsari) City Branch Chairman.

CA SUHAIL MEMON, a man aged just 32 years is now on pages. He is a well- known practising CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT for 9 years.

Currently working as-

-Proprietor of Suhail H Memon & Associates,

-Chairman of Navsari Branch of WIRC of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India,

-Secretary Bilimora Tax consultant Association,

-Life time treasurer of Lions Club of Bilimora Yugma,

-Chairman World Memon organisation Youth wing Bilimora.

Professional and other information-

· Specialization:

Indirect tax, statutory and tax audits, income tax cases, internal audit, finance management, consultancy services and many more.

Served as a Visiting Lecturer for Accounts for more than 8 years.

He is well known for his communication and public speaking skills.

· Presentation:

On service tax at various seminars

On goods and services tax at various branches and seminars

Faculty at GMCS & Orientation program at Navsari branch of ICAI

Faculty at training of MCGM employees in ICAI Tower, BKC

Selected as a speaker on GST in Western Region Branches for several events

Awarded with the BEST SPEAKER AWARD by World memon organisation

CA Suhail Hanif Memon has achieved an unbeaten success in very short span of time in a world full of competitors because of his lovely helping nature and hard work. He believes, “There is no secret to success. To win you have to swim upstream early on and that requires long hours of path to enlighten your knowledge”.

Just like the famous movie Taare Zameen Par… Every Child is Special, we can have a movie titled CA Zameen Par… Every Attempt is Special.

If any day, you want to gain the attention of a Chartered Accountant, just ask him/her the story of how he/she became a Chartered Accountant. And all of a sudden, you will see a new vigour in the conversation, just like this question has fascinated my attention. The above part might sound reasonable, but the interesting part is, they will share the story of their failures with equal or more pride than the story of their success. This might feel weird, but I tell you, there is nothing wrong in it.

The world might call it a Strange Story, but we call it a Great Story. He started his journey to get those two letters- CA in 2006 and became chartered accountant in 2011. He believe that every individual who becomes a CA has a unique success story to tell.

The opportunity cost foregone due to studying for CA, article ship and the extracurricular activities for becoming a good CA, is very high. While many friends on social media pose & post photos at different places, many enjoying parties or outings, some engaged in relationships or some happily enjoying being free; we CA students had to be in restricted circles with restricted people and limited socializing, in order to have a good career.

This makes many people a little depressed, but if you choose the right company & right way of spending your limited social time, you may not feel the difference from other friends.

These are not just stories, they are life lessons. Every attempt, every failure, every success, every stage of CA course is a life lesson for CA students. And this is the reason why Chartered Accountants present their failures with a lot more pride. They are a lot more mature than students from other professions, due to their experiences in the CA course. They have already learned the lessons of life while doing the CA course itself!

In the end, all the efforts that you take in CA course, all get paid off when you become a Chartered Accountant. The people who had a great social life then, when you were busy preparing your career, the same people will be busy finding and developing some sort of career & earn personal respect, while in contrast, you will be enjoying money, respect & social life - all together.

Kyc (know your community), initiative by memon ID is a series of stories under the platform of StoriesOfMemons on various Memon individuals & organizations established in India & abroad highlighting their contributions for welfare & upliftment of society & Memon community across the globe.

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