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Dr. Mohammed Arifuddin (Patel) Memon- M.Sc., Ph.D. Associate Fellow of Telengana Academy of science.

“ Salikha Shart Hai Duniya main Kuch Nahi Mushkil

Hawa Key Rukh Pey Jalao Chirg JalteyHain”

Dr. Mohammed Arifuddin (Patel-memon), is belong to memon family from Hyderabad, India. He is the grandson of late. Mr. Habeeb Moosa Virani (Upletewala) and son of Md. Siddiq patel. At the very young age of less than one year his mother Mrs. Bilquis was divorced when she was 14 years old. Since then he stayed with his mother at his grandfather late. Habeeb Moosa Virani’s (Upletewala) house who was a prominent personality among Hyderabad memon’s as he was the one of the founder of Hyderabad Halai Memon Jamat.

Dr. Md. Arif name as Dr. Mohammed Arifuddin is a mistake as at the time of school admission the teacher has filled the form and put the name as arifuddin, since then as per certificates he is been known as Mohammed Arifuddin.

Dr. Mohammed Arif (Patel-Memon), is first Muslim Urdu medium student who did his education from Urdu medium up to graduation (B.Sc) and then reached up to Ph.D level in the sciences.

Dr. Arif believes that

“A man without practical knowledge is just like a rough diamond. To shine like a real diamond one must have practical exposure of what he has learnt.”

Dr. Arif follow the following saying “Simple Living High thinking”.

Dr. Mohammed Arifuddin, Ph.D., (Chemistry), has worked as Sr. Scientist in Mainavi Pharma Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad. Earlier he worked as Assistant Professor in Medicinal Chemistry at National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER-Hyderabad). He did his Ph.D., from Osmania University and did his dissertation work at IICT under the supervision of Dr. Ahmed Kamal, Outstanding Scientist, Ex-Director-In-charge IICT in the area of Synthetic Organic/Medicinal cheistry. He has been awarded Ph.D., (Organic chemistry) by the Osmania University, Hyderabad, India in the year of 2003.

Dr. Arif with his Ph.D supervisor and mentor Dr. Ahmed Kamal, Outstanding Scientist, Ex-Director-In-charge IICT

Later, he moved to a Post doctoral fellowships first for one year with Dr. Midoux Patrick, at centre de Biophysique Moleculaire, CNRS, Orlean, France. Then, he joined as a post doctoral fellow in the Prof. Ehud Keinan group at Department of Chemistry, Institute of Catalysis Science and Technology-Israel institute of Technology, Technion city-Haifa, Israel. After gaining enough expertise in the cutting areas of Synthetic Organic/Medicinal chemistry, he returned to India and joined as Research scientist at R & D, Chemical Business, SRF Limited, Manali, Chennai. Then, he moved to AVRA Laboratories of Padma Bhushan Dr. A.V. Rama Rao as Research Scientist and there he worked for five years and left as senior research Scientist. His zeal in academic and research areas made him to move to National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER, Hyderabad), Balanagar, Hyderabad, India.(NIPER-Hyderabad) Department of Pharmaeutical, Ministry of Chemical & Fertilizers, Govt of India., first as Laboratory Facilitation Manager and then as Assistant Professor in medicinal chemistry department. He taught medicinal chemistry to Master (M.S., Pharm) and Ph.D students as a part of their course work and guided Master (M.S., Pharm) and Ph.D students for their dissertation and thesis work at NIPER-Hyderabad. Under his guidance two students has been awarded Ph.D degree and two students are pursuing their Ph.D work. He has guided 39 M.S students for their dissertation work at NIPER-Hyderabad.

Dr. Arif had a good academic record throughout his career right from graduation to Ph.D. His academic excellence was recognized by the Madina Education Society, Hyderabad, They awarded him the Madina Gold Medal in 1999.

Dr. Arif receiving the Madina Gold Medal in the year of 1999.

At professional level he used to teach the subject at the level of the students and reach to all the students. In the research, he has working in the area of target based synthesis of new chemical entities (NCE’s). He has established himself in the area of anticancer and anti-mycobactrial agents synthesis. He has published 40 publications since started his research career after his Ph.D., at NIPER-Hyderabad. All these experiences made him to grow as a good teacher as well as a good research supervisor. His recent publications are in the area synthesis of anticancer agent’s particularly carbonic anhyderase inhibitors as well as anti-tubercular agents. Simultaneously in the area of organic chemistry also as a synthetic organic chemist he successfully explore the transition metal complexes for the developments of novel methods for the synthesis of biological active heterocyclic compounds, which are published in reputed international journals. He has successfully completed one research project from DBT in the area of development of target based anti-tubercular agents targeting shikimate kinase protein.

Dr. Arif has active collaboration with 1. Prof. Claudiu T supuran, Italy 2. Prof. Sharmishtha Banerjee and 3. Dr. Insaf Qureshi, Univesity of Hyderabad and expecting 20 publications in coming one year. This work will be taken further for future collaborations.

Dr. Arif at present running his own chemistry consultancy services to spread the knowledge in the academic and research fertility, particularly of private college faculty and make them to move towards the research activities which is the need of the time.

At last Dr. Arif believes that nothing is impossible to achieve which he proved by establishing himself from a young Urdu medium student to a well establish academician and researcher in the cutting edges of pharmaceutical research. He always use to say

“Anjam Uskey haath hai Aagaz kar key Dekh

Bhegay Hooway paroon Sey Bhi Parwaz karkey Dekh”

Dr. Arif has passed through the several ups and down in his life and also passed the toughest time of his life when his first wife was passed away in 2010 leaving three small children’s. In all the time he feels that this is the testing time of almighty Allah and he thinks positively always. He never disappointed and always thankful to first god, then her mother for her support and then his teacher’s, friends and family members particularly the second wife whose support made him to achieve the things in academics and research area.

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Dr. Md. Arifuddin (PATEL-Memon)

Cell: 9347506600 Email:

Memon ID Number : 6558-6821-6328.

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