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Dr Shahid Merchant, DM (Cardiology), MD (Med) Associated with Lilavati Hospital since its inception.

Dr. S A Merchant has more than 25 years of experience in the field of interventional cardiology. He has been trained extensively in Invasive Cardiology at various renowned centres in the world. Lasers and Rotablator at the Massachussetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, USA. Balloon Angioplasty, Stents and Valvulopasty at the University of Rouen, France, Directional Atherectomy and Ballon Mitral dilatation at Hospital Multizonale, Milan, Italy. He has done pioneering work in the field of perfusion balloon angioplasty and stents. At present, he is actively involved in carotid stenting, renal angioplasty and treating multi vessel coronary artery disease with medicated stents.

Dr. Merchant has participated and presented papers in various national / international conferences in USA / France / Italy / Africa / China / Dubai. He regularly conducts live angioplasty workshops and lectures in interventional cardiology in India and around the world. Dr. Merchant has been awardd the prestigious fellowship of the American Society of Cardiac Angiography and Intervention.

Expertise :

  • Cardiac Catheterisation and Angiography.

  • Coronary Angioplasty with drug eluting stents.

  • Valvuloplasties

  • Carotid and real stenting.

  • Permanent pacemaker implant and arrhythmia management.

  • Soluble Stent Implant.

  • TAVI - Transfemoral Aortic Valve Implant

Professional qualifications & fellowship :

  • 1983 MBBS from Seth G S Medical College, Mumbai University

  • 1987 M.D. Int. Medicine, Seth G S Medical College, Mumbai Univesity

  • 1990 Diplomat National Boards of Cardiology, New Delhi

  • 1991 DM Cardiology, Seth G S Medical College, Mumbai University

  • 1992 Fellowship in Interventional Cardiology, University of Rouen, France

  • 1993 Fellowship in Interventional Cardiology, Harvard Medical School, USA

Angiography, Coronary Angioplasty and Stents

In his many years practice he operated thousands patients from around the world & from Mumbai areas such as Bandra Mahim Santacruz Kalina Khar Andheri Goregaon Jogeshwari Kandivali Borivali Mira Road & Vasai successfully.

EDUCATION 1987:M. D. in Medicine, Bombay University, India.1990:D.M. in Cardiology, Bombay University, India.1989:D. N. B. in Cardiology, National Board Examination, New Delhi, India.1982:M. B. B. S. Bombay University, India.


1982 - 1983:Intern in Medicine & Surgery, King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, Bombay, India.1983 - 1987:Resident in Internal Medicine & Subspecialities, King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, Bombay, India.1987 - 1990:Resident in Cardiology, King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, Bombay, India.1990 - 1991:Lecturer in Cardiology, King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, India.1990:Clinical fellow in Interventional Cardiology, Ospadale Multizonale, Varese, Italy.1991:Clinical fellow in Interventional Cardiology, Hospital Charles Nicolle, University of Rouen, France.1991:Visiting fellow in Interventional Cardiology Mass General Hospital, Boston, USA.


1983:Indian License of Physician & Surgeon.1987:Doctor of Medicine, Bombay University.1989:Diplomate of National Board in Cardiology India.1990:Doctor of Cardiology, Bombay University.1991:Certification as Interventional Cardiologist, Univeristy of Rouen, France.


1985 - 1987:Registrar in Medicine, Bombay University, India.1987 - 1990:Registrar in Cardiology, Bombay University, India.1990 - 1991:Lecturer in Cardiology, Bombay University, India1991:Fellow in Invasive Cardiology, University of Rouen, France.


1983 - 1985:House officer in Medicine, K. E. M., Hospital Bombay.

1985 - 1987:Registrar in Internal Medicine, K. E. M. Hospital, Bombay.1987 - 1990:Registrar in Cardiology, K. E. M. Hospital Bombay.1990 - 1991:Lecturer in Cardiology (Staff position) K. E. M. Hospital, Bombay.1991:Clinical fellow in Interventional Cardiology, Hospital Charles Nicolle, Rouen, France.1991:Visiting fellow in Interventional Cardiology, Massachusetts General Hospital & Havard Medical School, Boston.


1989:Member of Cardiological Society of India.1990:Member of French working group on Interventional Cardiology.1991:Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology.1991:Co-Director with Prof. A. Criber (France) at a live Demonstration angioplasty & valvuloplasty workshop at Hinduja Hospital, Bombay, co-sponsored by M. G. H., Boston.1991:International co-ordinator of Cardiological Society of India conference in Hyderabad, India.

TEACHING EXPERIENCE1985 - 1990:Clinical teaching to under graduate students in Medicine and Cardiology, Bombay University.1990 - 1991:Lectures to Post graduate students in Cardiology.


  1. Long term results of medicated stents for diffusely diseased small vessels in diabetics.

  2. Maltivessel CAD treated with medicated stents - acute & long term outcome.

  3. Renal & corotid stenting with distal protection devices.

APPOINTMENTS 1992 - 1997

MARCH 1992:Appointed Cardiology co-ordinator at the 300 beded Multi speciality Hospital affliated with Tufts University, Boston - The Lilavati Hospital & Medical Research Centre, Bandra Reclamation, Bombay.8TH APRIL 1992:Held workshop of complex Angioplasties with Prof. Alain Criber from France at the Breach Candy Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Bombay.1992:Held two research projects entitled (A) BMV by using the Twin AT catheter (B) Decrease myocardial ishemic injury with sequential coronary occlusions in PTCA at the Lilavati

Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Bandra Reclamation, Bombay.1992:Appointed Member of the Executive Committee of the Nuclear Cardiological Society of India.1992:Appointed Consultant Cardiologist at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre, Riyadh - the exclusive territory care hospital in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia catering to the King & The Royal family.

1992:Appointed Honarary consultant cardiologist at the Saifee Hospital and Noor Hospital, Bombay.1992:Appointed Consultant Cardiologist in the Cath Lab at the Breach Candy Hospital & Research Centre Bombay.1993:Proprietor & Chief of Medicare Diagnostic Services with 2 - D Echo cardiography, pulsed Colour Doppler study, ECG, Holter Monitoring, Computerised Stress Test, X-Ray and Executive Health check-up Schemes available.1993:Appointed on the panel as a referral cardiologist to Air India, Siemens, E. Merck India Ltd., Pieco Electricals and Electronics, Shaw Wallace and Standard Chartered Banks, Bombay, India.1992 - 1996:In Private practice as consultant Interventional cardiologist with a fairly large practise performing angiographies, coronary Angioplasties, Rotablator, Intracoronary Stent implantations etc. Perform cases independently and also assist colleagues in interventional procedures at the Breach Candy & Lilavati Hospital, Bombay.1994:Visiting consultant Interventional cardioligist at the Mafraq Hospital, Abu Dabhi, Tawan Hospital, AI-Ain, UAE. Conducted CME programme & gave lectures in Invasive Cardiology.

:Appointed as a consultant Cardiologist & member of the advisory Board at the Guru Nanak Hospital, Bombay.1994:Visited & worked in the Cath Lab on complex angioplasties at the Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre, new Delhi, India.April 1995:Appointed Consultant Interventional Cardiologist to Shaw Wallace & Company Ltd.May 1995:Acquired Certification of participation & Hands on experience at the Rotablator Physician

Training Course at the Escorts Heart Institute, Delhi headed by Dr. David Warth from Seattle, Washington.May 1995:Attended & participated the 6th Complex Coronary Angioplasty course in Tolouse, FranceJune 1995:Acquired special Hands - on training for 3 weeks on Intracoronary Stent Implantation with Prof. Alain Criber at the University Hospital, Rouen, France working independently.September 1995:Appointed member of :

  1. Indian medical Association (Western Surburb br.).

  2. Bandra Khar Medical Association.

  3. General Practitioners Association of Greater Bombay.

  4. Association of Medical Consultants, Bombay.

September 1995:Appointed Hon. Visiting Cardiologist to H. A. M. Memorial Hospital & Research Centre, Gauhati, Assam.September 1995:Appointed consultant Cardiologist (on the staff) at the Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre, Bombay.November 1995:Created affliations with Prof. John Smith of New England Medical Centre, Tufts University, Boston to work on complex interventional procedures & have joint Research ventures on coated stents.December - January 1996:Visited Cath Lab of Mass. General Hospital, Boston, USA for updating on newer trends in Invasive Cardiology.

February 1996:Set up a Aviation clinic at Seeb Airport, Muscat, S. of Oman. Involved in updating a specialized cardiac Unit at Rusayl Health clinic in Muscat.March 1996:Appointed as visiting consultant Cardiologist at the Al-Zahra Hospital, Sharjah, UAE.March - April 1996:Conducted CME Programmes by lectures on Invasive Cardiology at New Dubai Hospital, Dubai & Kuwaiti Hospital, Sharjah, UAE.February - April 1996:Lectures to Senior Citizen clubs of YMCA, Cricket club of India, Priya Darshani Joggers, Prabhadevi Club, General Practitioners Association of Greater Bombay & SNDT University, Bombay for public education on angioplasties.July 1996:Appointed as Visiting consultant cardiologist at Al Amal Medical Centre, Mutrah, S. of Oman.August 1996:Delivered a lecture on "Recent Advances In Inter- ventional cardiology" organized by "Indian Ass of Occupational Health".December 1996:Participated actively in Asia Pacific Meeting in Interventional Cardiology, Chennai, India.January 1997:Conducted lecturers and workshops on Heart Diseases for Gen Practitioners and Consultants at Al Amal Medical Centre, Muscat, S of Oman.February 1997:Delivered a lecture at the National Sports Club Of India on "Prevention and treatment of Coronary Artery Disease" for the Club Members and general public.March 1997:Conducted 2 day training workshop for Executives and technical staff of Johnsons & Johnson in Invasive cardiology in Mumbai.March 1997:Delivered a lecture on "Prevention & Management Of Heart Disease" at the Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai, sponsored by Ranbaxy Labs.April 1997:Invited as a Discussant on panel "Tips & Taps Stent Embolization" at the National PTCA Registry, Delhi.April 1997:Appointed on the Editorial Advisory Board of the bimontly cardiolgy Journal "Cardiolgy Today"April 1997:Conducted a CME programme on "Update In Stents" At Al Amal Medical Centre, Muscat, S of Oman.May 1997:Delivered a lecture on "Update In Stents - A Break - Through Technology In Interventional Cardiology" at The Agha Khan Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya.May 1997:Participated actively in the "Endovascular Therapy Course - Coronary & peripheral" In Paris. France.July 1997:Publication on "Angioplasty In The Treatment Of Coronary Artery Disease" in the Urdu Newspaper Inqallab.August 1997:Press release on my work in interventional cardiology published in the Gulf News & Khaleej Times in UAE.August 1997:Conducted a CME programme and Cardiac Camp at the KESCH Keluskar Medical College, Alibag, district Raigad, Maharashtra.September 1997:Appointed as an Invasive Cardiologist at the Indo- American Cardiovascular Centre, Sir H N Hospital, Mumbai, India.

September 1997:Delivered lectures & conducted workshop on "Update in Stents" and "International Cardiology in the 21st Century" at The Annul Conference Of The Kenya Medical Association, Mombasa Kenya.September 1997:Conducted "Cardiac Camps" at the Agha Khan Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya, at the Nasal Puree Memon Jamat Clinic, Mombasa, Kenya & at the Memon Clinic, Nairobi, Kenya.Jan. 1998 - Sept. 2001:Conducted several public and Community oriented education programmes on "Prevention of Heart Disease" and "Free Cardiac Camps" for Asians in Nairobi, Mombasa, Dar-Es- Salaam, Arusha, Mwanza, Eldoret, Mauritius, Madagascar.May 2000:Actively participated in the Paris Course on Percutanious Coronary Revascularization, Paris, France.March 1999 to Sept. 2001:Conducted "Free Cardiac Camps and Community oriented lectures on "Prevention and treatment of Heart Disease" for several Parishes - I.C. Colony, Borivali Parish, Orlem Parish, Chembur Parish, Dubai Parish.August 2000:Guest Speaker at the "Coronary Intervention - 2000" Conference in Nairobi, Kenya.Jan. 2000 - Sept. 2001:Conducted Free Cardiac Camps and Community oriented lectures for "Aga Khan Foundation in North Gujarat, Jogeshwari, Dahisar, Dubai, Toronto, Houston, Madagascar, Dar-Es-Salaam, Mombasa.October 2000:Actively participated in the Transcatheter Conference on Angioplasty, Washington DC, U.S.A.October 2000:Conducted Community Service Programmes for Gujarati Asians in Bolton, United Kingdom.November 2000:Appointed on Medical Advisory Community of SEVA Foundation, Kirtilal Mehta Trust.December 2000:Conducted Cardiac Camps in Kutch - Bhuj, Mandvi, Gandhidham in association with Oswal Jain Trust.Oct. 1998 - Sept. 2001:Served the Khoja Shia Ishthashiri Community with Free Cardiac Camps in Bandra, Nairobi, Dar-es-Salaam, Mombasa, Toronto, Dubai, Mwanza, Madagascar.August 2001:Chairperson and Guest Speaker at the "Vascular Intervention 2001" at Superstar Virgo Cruise, SingaporeJan. 2000 - Oct. 2001:Active in practice as a senior Interventional Cardiologist performing 50 - 60 interventions per month in different cath labs in Mumbai.November 2001:On the National Faculty and Chairing Angioplasty Sessions at the Indo-French Interventional Cardiology meeting in Rouen, France.December 2001:Chairing sessions on 'RcoPro versus Integrilin at the Annal cardiological Society of India conference, Hyderabad, India.Oct. 2001 - April 2002:Conducted CME on "current concept in management of Heart Disease" with audiovisual presention on Newer Interventions in the cath lab to medical associations in Mumbai Bhibandi, Vashi and CBD, Western Suburbs APT, Bandra-Khar Medical Association, Mumbai.January 2002:Actively participated at the Asia Pacific meet in Interventional Cardiology and Singapore live course on Complex Angioplastics, Singapore.

February 2002:Convenor of Scientific programme and Guest speaker on "current concept in the management of Heart Disease pertaining to occupational Health" at the 53rd Annual conference of occupational health, Goa, India.May 2002:Actively participated at the 25th Annual Scientific sessions of society for cardiac Angiography and interventions and Interventions, Seattle, Seattle, WA, USA.May 2002:Active participation at the Paris Course on revascularization 2002, Paris France.June 2002:Delivered a lecture on current concepts in Management of cardiovascular Disease' at the Association of Physicians of Tanzania (APHTA) meet, Dar, Tz.July 2002:Delivered a lecture on "Controversies in PCT" as a Interventional Guest Faculty at the Indo-European Cardiology meet, Sun city, Johenesberg, South Africa.August 2002:Passed the Dubia Health Authotrity lisence topractice as Visiting Consultant, Interventional Cardiologist, Dubai UAE.August 2002:Appointed at the Welfare Hospital, Dubai as a Visiting Consultant, Interventional Cardiologist, UAE.August 2002:Delivered a lecture on "Recent Concepts in the Management of Cardiovascular disease" for the Santacruz Medical Association, JW Mariotte Hotel, Juhu, Mumbai.August 2002:Conducted a free cardiac camp at KVOJ Hospital, Bhuj, Kutch, a lecture on "Prevention and Treatment of Heart disease". Rotary Club, Gandhidham, Kutch and Interviewed the press and Gujrat TV on Newer Non Surgical Methods of Treatment of Heart Disease.August 2002:Actively participated at the European Society of Cardiology Conference at Berlin, Germany.October 2002:Presentation on "Update on Heart Disease in Diabetics" at the APHTA (Association of Private Hospitals of Tanzania) conference, Dar-Es-Salaam, Tz.November 2002:Presentation on "Update in Prevention & Treatment of Heart Disease" to Aga Khan Community, Doha, Qatar.February 2003:Appointed as visiting specialist cardiologist at the Belhoul European & Apollo Hospital, Dubai, UAE.April 2003 - January 2004:Presentation on "Update in Prevention & Treatment of Heart Disease" to PNB Paribas Bank, Dubai, DEWA, (Dubai Electric & Water Association) Dubai, Fujeirah Medical Centre, Fujeirah, TEXMAS (Textile Association), Dubai, Dubai Memon Forum, Pakistan Professional Association, Dubai Bhatia Community, Konkan Association of Dubai, Lutfi Group, Dubai, Goa Dubai Muslim Association, Haryana Cultural Group, Ajman Indian Association, Ennoc staff, Dubai, Al Abhas Group, Chartered Accountant Association, Dubai Petroleum Corporation, Irani Club, Indian Women Association, Goodhealth Insurance, MC Dermott, Friends of Yoga General Practitioner of Dubai, FM Radio talk show, Dubai.Nov. 2003 - Dec. 2004:Lisenced to practise Interventional Cardiology in Kenya.November 2003 onwards:Performing Cath Lab procedures at Nairobi Hospital, Nairobi on regular monthly visiting agreement.

January 2004:Moderator of live course on "Update on Drug Eluting Stents - Indian perspective" chaired by Dr. Patrick Serruys, Hyatt Regency, Mumbai, India.March 2004:Attended and actively participated in the live course On complex angioplasties in Shanghai, ChinaApril 2004:Conferred fellowship of theAmerican Society of cardiac Angiography & Intervention in San Diego, CA at the Annual meeting of the SCA&IJune 2004:Conducted Continues Medical Education programmes for doctors and the community on 'Current Concepts in Management of Heart Disease' in Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Kampala and Mombasa, East Africa.June .2004 - May 2005:Established 'City Point International Medical Centre' at Dubai, UAE with a state-of-the-art cardiac lab and non-invasive laboratory.Jun. 2004 - Oct. 2005:Conducted patient education seminars on 'Recent update On Prevention & treatment of Heart Disease' in Dubai, UAE for BNP Paribas Bank, DEWA, Mashreq Bank, AL Abbas Group, INOC, British Petroleum.May 2005:Actively participated at the 'American Society of Cardiac Angiography and Interventional conference', Florida, USA.March 2006:Presentation on 'Recent Advances in Interventional cardiology in India' at the Medical Tourism Meet at the ITC Grand Maratha Sheraton, Organised by FICCI - MTMC.May 2006:Actively participated at the 'World Congress in Cardiology' organized by the Australian & New Zealand Society of Cardiology, Auckland, New Zealand.June 2006:Made presentations on 'Recent update in Interventional Cardiology in India' at the Indo- UAE Gulf Summit, Dubai organized by FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers Of Commerce & Industry).Jan - Oct 2006:Actively involved in setting up a nationwide panel of hospitals and specialists in various super specialties in India and other countries to promote Medical Tourism.Nov - 2006:Actively participated and chaired sessions at the "Vascular Intervention Meet" At Istanbul (Turkey)Jan - 2007:Key note speaker on "New Intervention in the Cathlab in India" at Indo-Saudi Medical Council meet at Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) organized by FICCI and Government Of India and Indian Consulate of Saudi Arabia.Feb - 2007:Key speaker on "Update On Prevention and treatment Of Coronary Artery Disease" for Rotarians and Doctors Of Goa Medical Association and conducted Cardiac camp at Vrundavan Hospital Mhapa Goa.May - 2007:Actively participated at Paris Course on revascularization 2007, Barcelona.October - 2007:Key speaker on "Recent update in Management of Cardiovascular disease" for Doctors of Vapi Medical Association.Nov - 2007:Key speaker on "Recent update in Cardiac Emergencies" for Association of Physician of India (Navi Mumbai Branch).May - 2008:Attended training on IVUS at Hopital Mulitizonale, Varese Italy, with Dr Edvordo Verna in the cathlab on complex coronary interventions with IVUS.

June - 2008 Till Date:Actively involved in setting up Interventional cardiology academy with simulators & cathlab for live courses and Teaching programs in Interventional cardiology at Vapi, Gujarat India.September -2008:Chaired & Moderated CTO Transradial Conference organized by Dr.Cyto at AIMS-Cochin.Febraury 2010:On Faculty at the JIM metting in Rome, ItalyMarch 2010:Conducted CME to IMA and GPA of Borivali, Kandivali, Jogeshwari, Goregaon, JVPDApril 2010:Guest speaker at the Indian Occupational Health on Follow up On coronary stents by the Physician at CCI, BKC, MumbaiApril 2010:Faculty At the TCTAP Interventional Cardiology Confernance at Seoul, KoreaJuly 2010:My approach to STEMI 2010, IMA (Indian Medical Association), Western Suburbs, MumbaiJuly 2010:Trained Technicalities on Trans Catheter Aortic Value implant by Professor Alain Cribier, University of Rouen, France.

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