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Haji Ashraf Padela Hospital Dedicated Covid Health Centre (DCHC) by Mr Afzal Ashraf Padela

in the Pic (L-R) Late Ashraf Seth Padela, Late Sajju Lala, Moosa bhai Nagani & Mohammed Shabbir Abdul Qader Bhojani.

There are some people who dream of doing something then comes those who dreams and keep on talking about achieving that dream then comes the rarest category of people who not only dream but leave no stone unturned to make that dream a reality in no time.

One such example have been set by mr Afzal Ashraf Padela a prominent businessman hailing from Parbhani District of Maharashtra India belonging to a Halai Memon Community and the current president of The Memon Merchant Association & Memon Jamat Parbhani.

Mr Padela have set an record of in this ongoing SARS COVID-19 international pandemic by setting upp an entire Covid Hospital as per international protocol according to Guidelines by Govt of India.

Millions of rupees have been spent single handedly by Mr Padela no donation or contribution have been taken from anyone.

This hospital is established on the basis of No Profit no loss as in recent times it have been experienced that people are not getting beds for the covid 19 treatment even if they get beds medical treatment cost are rocket high and for many its not affordable to get treated in such hospitals, Haji Ashraf Padela Hospital is a great sign of relief for those who look forward to get standard treatment with affordable and budgeted amount.

Late Mr Ashraf Padela was the past president of Memon Jamat Parbhani & The Memon Merchant association he was atruly a trendsetter when it came of helping those in need, he carried on the legacy by his ancistors now his son Mr Afzal Padela is carrying out the legacy handed over to him by his Father Mr Ashraf Padela.

It was truly an Team Effort by countless number of people who have set up a complete hospital within 3 weeks of time one name which cannot be left is Mr Ghulam Mohammed Khamisa (Mithhu Uncle) one man Army in himself, without his efforts this dream of Mr Afzal Padela would not have been possible as he have worked 20 hours a day non stop and looked after every minute detail by himself from govt approvals to procurement of equipments to appointment of medical professionals, that itself is an story coming up very soon on our portal.

We are thankful to almighty ALLAH to have given us such a generous and down to earth personality among us as our Jamat president and will always be indebted to him for his contributions to the people of parbhani.

We wish all the very best to the whole team of Mr Padela on their journey to fight this Covid-19 Pandemic.

Following is the Message Received from Mr Ghulam Mohammed Khamisa (Mitthu Uncle) as follows :

We are glad to announce the beginning of a Dedicated Covid Health Centre (DCHC) under the name Haji Ashraf Padela Hospital, located at Gangakhed Road, Parbhani.

Our Facilities Include:

50000 SqFt campus with fresh air & greenary recommended for Covid patients.

- 7 Bed Critical Care Unit (CCU)

- 15 Bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

- 28 beds general ward with oxygen

- 10 Private Cabins with oxygen

- Central oxygen line for all beds.

- Team of Covid experienced doctors

- All CCU / ICU beds covered with individual CCTV monitoring.

- 24 hours medical shop at hospital with all medicines / injections required for Covid patients.

- No extra charges for PPE kit, oxygen, consulting, nursing, monitoring

- Including 2 water bottles, tea, kadha, haldi milk, fruits / sprouts.

Advanced medical equipments including : Ventilator

High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC)


Portable X-ray machine

ECG machine

This hospital is driven on providing affordable health care and is open for all irrespective of cast, creed and religion.

Haji Ashraf Padela Hospital

Contact No. 9511292929

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