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Miss Zainab Upcoming Memon Super Star from Bengaluru.

Hello Readers !!

Let us Meet Miss Zainab from Bengaluru, India today, an amazing person and upcoming star

from our own Memon Community, who is doing some wonderful work.

Let us get started then.

Zainab Ismail, a 23-year-old passionate speech language pathologist (SLP). Having completed her bachelors in speech language pathology and audiology from Dr. S R Chandrasekhar Institute of Speech and Hearing, Bangalore.

She is currently pursuing her Post Graduation in the field of speech language pathology from the renowned All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysore.

she believes she is differently driven, in the sense that the entire idea of being able to make a positive change in someone's life elates her beyond measure! an extrovert who loves communication and the phenomenal science behind it.

She says the profession of speech language pathology teaches you so many things

It teaches you to face each day with a zeal because you never know what's going to walk through that door.

she finds herself more patient, standing up for what is right, finding joy in the smallest of things and learning how to be the medium of change.

"I bridge the gap"

- Miss Zainab

She recalls When she first walked into this career - she would describe herself as naïve and still figuring out the "what's and how's" of the field. But today, it is the very thing that defines her! Keeps me going every day.

A few of her well-known academic endeavors include one scientific research publication to her name published in The Journal of Indian Speech Language and Hearing Association (JISHA)

She has also been selected to present her other research at state and national level forums (ISHA-CON)

She has taken part in various awareness programs such as educating teachers on child language disorders and early diagnosis and vocal hygiene tips for teacher at falcon matriculation high school (pictures attached) clinically assess and treat pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients with different kinds of communication disorders (AD, ADHD, CEREBRAL PALSY, STROKE DIMENTIA etc)

Even the lockdown in view of the COVID 12 pandemic has not stopped her from rendering her clinical services to those in need and she has taken to online platform such as zoom to conduct tele speech therapy via distance mode.

As a beginner in digital resource material development in collaboration with an artist Zainab released her first product - ORO MOTOR ASSESSMENT CARDS

for sale and details of which can be found on Zainab’s Linked In and Instagram profile.

As an avid speaker she believes that to be able to help more people with communication disorders she must spread awareness about the same among the public. Zainab run an Instagram page by the name thegirl_in _thecity and consistently post speech and hearing related updates. She is being regularly invited to live sessions on Instagram to talk more about her field and communication disorders at large.

On the professional fore front and as part of my clinical curriculum she has interned at the following places as a speech language pathologist and audiologist





Currently she is the initiator of a campaign intended to make the INDIAN SIGN LANGUAGE the 23rd Official language of India and released a video on her IG @thegirl_in_thecity to celebrate the international week of the deaf which has over 5000 views and went Live with renowned Radio Jockey - RJ JANE from RADIO ONE. '

She aims to take part in more such events and gain more attention towards the field of speech and hearing and help more people with communication disorders.

She is open to any Reader of Stories of Memons who wants to seek more knowledge about her profession and those who need assistance can always write her on her work email address- .

KYC (Know Your Community), is a series of stories on various Memon Individuals & Organizations established in India & abroad highlighting their contributions for welfare & upliftment of society & Memon community across the Globe.

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