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Mohsin Aasif Vindhani-Founder of Artificial Intelligence Company a young, energetic, dynamic IITian.

Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. - Malcolm X.


This is very much true for Mohsin Aasif Vindhani, a young, energetic, dynamic IITian, shining entrepreneur and responsible citizen.

Born in ’94, stationed at Ahmedabad, he did his schooling in Baroda, Jubail (KSA) and Ahmedabad. Since schooling, he has won many trophies and merit certificates in extracurricular activities may it be sports, essay writing or speech competition.

Once determined to achieve something, he works endlessly till he attains it. It was his dream to study in one of the 5 prime IIT’s since he was in class 9. (Just to give background about IIT, they are premier and renowned engineering institutes. To get admission, every year almost 10 Lakh students write these exams and only 10-15 thousand qualify! Presently there are 23 IITs across India and among them, IITs in Delhi, Chennai, Bombay, Kharagpur and Kanpur are the top 5 and have remarkable ranking at world level).

To achieve this tough target, he dedicatedly worked for two years, with lot of challenges and difficulties, he cleared this exam in very first attempt and secured admission in B. Tech-M. Tech in IIT Chennai. During college tenure, he got a merit scholarship, apprenticeship, got second price in Hackathon at India level, won Google Summer of Code and a lot more.

One of his other dreams was to be an entrepreneur of a renowned software company. This is another tough target he is working towards now.

He left his lucrative job after serving 4 years. He is presently the CTO of Augmenify software LLC which has one of its offices in Toronto, Canada.

Apart from academics and professional life, Mohsin is actively associated with various NGOs and delivering unique ideas and schemes for upliftment of needy students and poor people.

Mohsin is a promising entrepreneur and innovative thinker. His vision is ‘Let’s grow together’ and mission is ‘To create thousands of Self-employed Muslims’.

Kyc (know your community), is a series of stories on various Memon individuals & organizations established in India & abroad highlighting their contributions for welfare & upliftment of society & Memon community across the globe.

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