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Mr. Parvez Musani Pursuit of Perfection and Extreme Ownership.

Parvez Musani Vice President Transportation and last mile technology Walmart Labs #1 Fortune 500 ranked Company in world.

Early in my career I had to learn how to accept mistakes and take risks. Gaining these two traits have been essential to my success. In instances where I was worried I didn’t have the experience to perfectly take on a new role, I was scared. Heart dropping into my stomach scared. But there were others who had faith in me and gave me a chance, and I took it very seriously to pay back that faith by working hard to learn on the job and make up those areas where I felt I was behind. Slowly, I learned to have faith in myself too.

As I’ve moved into more leadership roles, I’ve made it a point to pay it forward by valuing ability over experience and giving opportunities to those who, like me in earlier years, may not see their full potential yet. Nobody is perfect, and that’s okay.

For me, the pursuit of perfection is not about being a perfectionist at all costs. It’s about creating an environment in which we refuse to accept mediocrity. It’s about pushing back against the urge to say good enough is good enough.

Throughout my journey I’ve learned the path to improving is leading through crisis. This means when there is a crisis, you don’t go straight to blaming, whether it’s blaming yourself or a teammate. Instead, you figure out what can be done to make the situation better so the crisis doesn’t occur again.

The readiness to analyze the crisis situation by putting yourself outside of it to ensure better outcomes is extreme ownership. This also helps build trust with others because they know your goal is to improve, not to be the victim or blame others. I’ve found it’s especially important to set the example that when a crisis arises, we have to acknowledge and learn from it.

The great thing about extreme ownership is that once you’re able to focus on correcting a problem, rather than the mistake itself or attaching it to yourself personally, it helps you become better prepared for possible risks in the future. Then you’re better equipped to not only avoid issues, but take a calculated risk because you’re already thinking three steps ahead. Implementing this practice has set better expectations for my teams so that they can become comfortable taking risks and pushing themselves.

Risk-taking breeds creativity and innovation which is paramount to the success of great companies. If we get caught up in playing it safe because we don’t want to risk making a mistake, then we miss out on creating possibilities of greatness.

Pride not only for Memon Community but for the entire Muslim community. At a very young age, the peaks of unimaginable success were surpassed by the Parvez Musani an Engineer, son of Mr. Yunus Musani Advocate, a native of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is today treading the path of radiant progress as a result of his hard work.

Parvez Musani graduated from Vidyanagar with a degree in Chemical Engineering and later did a Computer Master's from IIT Chicago in the United States. Now he is working as a VP in Walmart the number one company of USA. This post is so important that he has been given a corporate flight. At the young age of 40, he has visited 36 countries. With such a great hard work and a shining career, it is a matter of pride not only for the Memon community but for the entire Muslim community.

It is worth mentioning here that Pervez Masani's article has been published in the "Diversity Journal" published from America. It is a matter of great pride that Pervez Bhai's article has been included in the articles of CEOs of more than 50 big companies of the world. Parvez is also involved in the work of deen too. He has built a mosque in keen city America and currently he lives in Bentonville Arkansas where he is running Islamic school under the name "Anoor Academy.

He has also organized Mass marriages of more than 100 daughters. He also run movements to create more Muslim become IPS / IAS In community it is my prayer that Allah gives the same guidance to all Muslims and may Allah accept the hard work.

Mr Musani can be contacted on :

Special thanks to Diversity Journal for the article & content.

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