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Mr Hamid Memon : The Educationist

There comes a situation in life which changes the meaning of life for you. You start looking at things from different perspective and pave out ways for things which are now your priority.

Mr. Hamid Memon's life has been on the similar note. The otherwise normal Business man had a change of perception after his Sister Shaheen was diagnosed with Cancer. It was this situation of his life which led to the beginning of Shaheen Foundation, now a well

established NGO which has benefited thousands of Students and their families at large.

Popularly known as Hamid Sir, he is responsible for the bright future of these Students in Ahmadabad. Some of those who come from lower socio economic background and some who have lost their parents.

He is really active in the Memon community. He is also associated with Prathma Blood Centre, an NGO which provides blood to the needy, organises voluntary blood donation camps and helps in the treatment of Thalassemia in children.

He coaches children who are interested in sports and helps them fulfill their dreams.

Hamid Sir could be an excellent example of someone who gives beyond what they possess! As he himself couldn't complete his education but is the reason for so many Students getting the best of Education and Career opportunities in their respective fields. His own Children are Masters of their Fields.

His Eldest Son Aamil has done his M.Tech in Environmental Science, Younger Son Aatif is a Civil Engineer and Daughter Aafiya has a Master's degree in Clinical Research.

He talks highly about the Importance of Education and the right of every Child to receive the best of it.

His work in the field of Education can be further seen on his page Shahin Foundation

We certainly need more people like Hamid Sir who understand the basic needs of the young minds and shape them in a culturally and morally suitable way.

Written by Alvira Diwan.
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