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Yunus Musani 68 Years Old Graduate !!

There is no age to acquire knowledge, Mr. yunus Musani from Ahmedabad India, now settled in United States of America (USA) proved it right by graduating at the age of 68 Years from the leading Arkansas University in America. He graduated with a degree in ESL and settled in the United States. Born on 10th July 1952 a practicing Advocate inn India moved to USA with his family, mainly for his Son Parvez Yunus Musani who is the Executive Vice President at Walmart a fortune 500 company. Parvez is master’s in computer science from IIT Chicago.

It is never too late to start over, Mr. Musani is probably the first Memon Ever to have graduated at the age of 68 from University in USA, even at this age he has a passion to expand his skills and excel in his professional career, that is the reason after graduating he has started working with a leading firm in USA.

Mr. Musani is truly an inspiration for all the youngsters and elders who had to leave their education in early age to support their families, Mr. Musani would always remind us that we can get it started all over again & age is just a number.

KYC (know your community), initiative by Memon ID is a series of stories under the platform of StoriesOfMemons on various Memon individuals & organizations established in India & abroad highlighting their contributions for welfare & upliftment of society & Memon community across the globe.

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